The Naming Of the Still!

It’s been a long time coming but finally the day to announce the name of our stunning, 230 litre, bespoke gin still from Bridgetown Brewing Company is here!

As many of you may not know it is a long standing tradition to name distillery stills. No one is completely sure how this came about, though it is thought that because so much time is spent between a distiller and their still, while lovingly crafting our favourite tipples that their personalities shine through and hence names develop.

At the end of last year we launched a competition to name our newly installed still, and with the promise of our triple distilled Eagle One gin and the honour of being chosen, it didn’t take long before the names flooded in!

With Rebecca, Charles, Lowen, Jackdaw, William, Demelza, Lowenna, Piran just a few of the very popular suggestions, it was one a little more in keeping with the gin’s flavour notes that was chosen in the end.

When Jack Rockliffe-King, Eagle One gin’s master distiller and General Manager of the only gin distillery hotel in the South West, was asked about the kind of flavour profile he wanted to create for Eagle One gin he replied “I was looking to make gins that in some way captured the elegance, romance and tradition of craft of The Eagle House Hotel – Eagle One presents bold flavours of signature botanicals over a traditional London Dry base,’  So it felt fitting that the name of the gin still was one of equal grandeur!

We had planned to announce the name in February, though with the slight disruption of a global pandemic, it has been somewhat delayed until now.

We are delighted to announce the name of our beautiful gin still is……

Robert, Count of Mortain (Bob for short) who was not only the Earl of Cornwall at one point, but also resident of Launceston Castle that the distillery nestles below.

Congratulations to Bev Parsons who suggested the name and we are delighted to present you with an Eagle One gin hamper!